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Archdeacon Simon introduces Week 2 of the Summer Reading Challenge

Welcome to Week 2 of our Summer Reading Challenge and we read the Psalms together over the next month or so.

It was good to hear responses to last week’s psalms from Bec Hill and Will Gibbons – this week we will be hearing from Tabitha Rao responding to Psalm 42 on Wednesday and Rachel Bray responding to Psalm 44 on Friday. I hope you are being moved by the Psalms to respond in your inner and your outer life.

Just a reminder that there are three tracks in this year’s reading challenge. Track 1 is two psalms each week. Track 2 is a psalm each day, reading about 1/3 of the whole psalter. In Track 3 you’ll be reading all 150 psalms. You can swap from track to track, or of course, take things at your own pace.

Details of this week’s psalms are below this post. May God bless you in your reading.

Watch a video of Simon on the link below:


Summer Reading Challenge – Week 2 (Psalms 32-54)

Week 2 Psalms can be found on YouTube here

Track 1

Psalm 42 

Psalm 44 

Track 2

Monday Psalm 32 

Tuesday Psalm 36 

Wednesday Psalm 42 

Thursday Psalm 43 

Friday Psalm 44 

Saturday Psalm 50 

Sunday Psalm 51 

Track 3

Week 2 Psalms begin here

Week 2 Psalms on YouTube here

Monday morning Psalms 32 & 33

Monday evening Psalm 34

Tuesday morning Psalm 35

Tuesday evening Psalm 36

Wednesday morning Psalm 37

Wednesday evening Psalm 38

Thursday morning Psalms 39 & 40

Thursday evening Psalms 41 to 43

Friday morning Psalm 44

Friday evening Psalms 45 & 46

Saturday morning Psalms 48 & 49

Saturday evening Psalm 50

Sunday morning Psalm 51

Sunday evening Psalms 52 to 54


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