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Archdeacon Simon introduces Week 3 of the Summer Reading Challenge

Welcome to Week 3 of our Summer Reading Challenge. This week we will have responses to Psalm 67 from Bec Hill on Wednesday, and Psalm 72 from Rebecca Roberts on Friday.

If you are following Track 1 of our Summer Reading Challenge those are the two psalms you’ll be reading this week. If you are following Track 2 you have a different psalm for each day, including those two. If you are following Track 3 you are reading the psalms from Psalm 55 to Psalm 76. All the details are in the links below this post.

This week I’d like to recommend to you two books which have reflections and prayers for all the psalms: Stephen Cherry’s Psalm Prayers, and Reflections on the Psalms. If it’s helpful to have a companion to guide you through the psalms with some teaching and helps for prayer, either of these books would be great. Both are available from the Cathedral Bookshop: details below.

May God continue to bless you in your reading.

Watch a video of Archdeacon Simon here

Reflections on the Psalms can be bought here

Psalm Prayers can be bought here

Summer Reading Challenge – Week 3 (Psalms 55-76)

Week 3 Psalms can be found on YouTube here

Track 1

Psalm 67 

Psalm 72 

Track 2

Monday Psalm 57 

Tuesday Psalm 62 

Wednesday Psalm 67 

Thursday Psalm 69 

Friday Psalm 72 

Saturday Psalm 74 

Sunday Psalm 76 

Track 3

Week 3 Psalms begin here

Week 3 Psalms on YouTube here

Monday morning Psalm 55

Monday evening Psalms 56 to 58

Tuesday morning Psalms 59 & 60

Tuesday evening Psalms 51 to 63

Wednesday morning Psalms 64 & 65

Wednesday evening Psalms 66 & 67

Thursday morning Psalm 68

Thursday evening Psalm 69

Friday morning Psalms 70 & 71

Friday evening Psalm 72

Saturday morning Psalm 73

Saturday evening Psalm 74

Sunday morning Psalm 75

Sunday evening Psalm 76


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