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Archdeacon Simon introduces Week 6 of the Summer Reading Challenge

Welcome to week 6 of our Summer Reading Challenge, which concludes next week. I hope you have been blessed by reading the Psalms this summer. If you are reading one of our three tracks you will find this week’s psalms below this post. In Track 1 there are two psalms a week, in Track 2 a psalm a day, and in Track 3 you are reading all the psalms in order.

Watch Simon's Introduction here

But if you haven’t kept up with any of our reading tracks, don’t worry. You can always go back and pick up where you left off, or start again with any of these reading tracks at any time.

The Summer Reading Challenge is not a test of your stamina, it’s an invitation to allow God’s Word to live in you and me as we take these texts into our hearts – the challenge is to find a way to make it a part of our holy habits. I am one of those who is used to reading the psalms each day: over this summer I’ve been really enjoying listening to them read on the YouTube video I’ve been linking to here. You might want to go looking for a different recording of the psalms being read or sung.

This week you’ve got me again on Wednesday responding to Psalm 121, and on Friday Bec Hill responding to Psalm 139. Next Monday I’ll introduce the final week of our challenge.

May you blessed in your reading.

Summer Reading Challenge – Week 6 (Psalms 119-139)

Week 6 Psalms can be found on YouTube here

Track 1

Psalm 121 

Psalm 139 

Track 2

Monday Psalm 121 

Tuesday Psalm 122 

Wednesday Psalm 125 

Thursday Psalm 127 

Friday Psalm 130 

Saturday Psalm 135 

Sunday Psalm 139 

Track 3

Week 6 Psalms begin here: 

Week 6 Psalms on YouTube here

Monday morning Psalm 119 verses 1 to 32

Monday evening Psalm 119 verses 33 to 64

Tuesday morning Psalm 119 verses 65 to 96

Tuesday evening Psalm 119 verses 97 to 128

Wednesday morning Psalm 119 verses 129 to 160

Wednesday evening Psalm 119 verses 161 to 176

Thursday morning Psalms 120 to 122

Thursday evening Psalms 123 to 126

Friday morning Psalms 127 to 130

Friday evening Psalms 131 & 132

Saturday morning Psalms 133 to 135

Saturday evening Psalm 136

Sunday morning Psalms 137 & 138

Sunday evening Psalm 139


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