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Archdeacon Simon introduces Week 7 of the Summer Reading Challenge

Archdeacon Simon introduces the final week of our Summer Reading Challenge

Welcome to the final week of our reading challenge.

Watch Simons' introduction here

As usual, the psalms for this week are below this post, running up to Thursday on Tracks 2 and 3 -  because we have come together to the end of the psalter – and one psalm only on Track 1. That’s Psalm 143, and on Wednesday our last response will be from Fr Harry Wood on Psalm 143.

Thank you to Harry and to the rest of the team this year: thank you to Rebecca Roberts, Tabitha Rao, Will Gibbons, Rachel Bray, Noel McGarrigle and Bec Hill. I hope their reflections have been helpful to you as you have lived with these psalms this summer.

If you have already been a regular user of the Psalms I hope this has been useful: if you have not been previously a regular user I hope that you won’t stop now, but will continue to allow these texts to live in you day by day. When you have finished reading them, pick them up and read them again. Take a different track, read the ones I missed out for you, read them in your morning and evening prayer.

As I said at the beginning of our Reading Challenge, the psalms have been the hymnbook and the prayerbook of the people of God ever since they were written. Great numbers of our forebears in the Faith have prayed with the psalms daily, and then gone to pray and work that more people might know Jesus, and that there might be more justice in the world. May it be so for you.

May you blessed in your reading.

Summer Reading Challenge – Week 7 (Psalms 140-150)

Week 7 Psalms can be found on YouTube here:


Track 1

Psalm 143

Track 2


Monday             Psalm 143

Tuesday             Psalm 144

Wednesday        Psalm 146

Thursday           Psalm 150


Track 3


Week 7 Psalms begin here:

Week 7 Psalms on YouTube here


Monday morning             Psalms 140 & 141

Monday evening              Psalms 142 & 143

Tuesday morning             Psalm 144

Tuesday evening              Psalm 145

Wednesday morning         Psalms 146 & 147

Wednesday evening         Psalm 148

Thursday morning            Psalms 149 & 150


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