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Bring One Friend - 1st challenge

Our first challenge helps you think around who you are going to invite.

Bring One Friend – who are you going to invite?

Your first step on this challenge is to make yourself accountable to someone you know to get this done. We all know that if we have to look someone in the eye and say whether we have done what we said we would then we are more likely to achieve. So choose someone you trust and make yourself accountable. Or better still why not do this as a small group where you can keep each other accountable.

Your second step on this challenge is to decide who you are going to invite. It’s an obvious point but you will have more success the better you know someone. So who is your equivalent of the person who said they came because it was Cheryl who invited them? Make a list of between 3 and 5 people you may be able to invite.

Your final step on this challenge is to pray. Pray for those who you believe God is calling you to invite to church. Maybe say this simple prayer every day

“Dear Lord I pray for xx I pray that they may be open to an invitation to come to church. Please open their hearts to be receptive to your love for them. I pray that you may find me the right time to make that invitation. I ask this in Jesus’ name”

So your three-step challenge this week is

• Make yourself accountable to someone for making sure you invite a friend to church,

• Think about who will be on a list of people you could invite – we suggest between 3 and 5. Write the names and show them to your accountable person

• And start praying for those whom, we believe, God may have placed on your heart.

Next week we will reflect on what you might want to invite your friend to and challenge you to think around that invitation.


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