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Do Ten Things

Commit yourself to do ten things each year that will contribute to the common good.

Ten things? What things? That is for you to decide on what is possible and achievable to fit into your life, 

Looking for inspiration? - Bishop Paul encourages us to Do Ten Things

How to Do Ten Things

It's pretty much up to you how you do it but we suggest the following may help.

1: Do it with others Church is community. We learn together and support each other as disciples. Doing this together can help keep us accountable and show support for one another. So why not do this with your church community, home group, congregation, youth group, group of friends,

2: Do a mix of things It is good to include things you already do as well as some new ideas. We suggest you try to do some simple things as well as a couple of areas that may be more challenging. We have some ideas and suggestions of things you can do on this page.

And we'd love to get your suggestions Post them on social media using the hashtag #DoTenThings or email communications@liverpool.anglican.org

3. Set yourself a time limit. We suggest you aim to do your ten things over a period of a year.

4. Review, celebrate and encourage.

Some thoughts and suggestions

This is not a full list and if you have ideas and suggestions then contact us and we will add this to the list

As part of your ten things you could

•  Donate something to your local foodbank (or even volunteer some time to support one)

•  Join or support your local Credit Union

•  Volunteer at a Debt Advice Centre or other voluntary organisation

•  Think about an area of social justice that you care about and join an organisation working in that area

•  Take part or organise a clean up in your community

•  Donate regularly to a charity shop (or volunteer some time)

•  Join a local community organisation doing good work in your area

•  Think about volunteering at your local school

• Volunteer to help with a youth organisation

•  Befriend a neighbour or regularly telephone someone who is lonely

•  Give blood or support an organ donation project

•  Join a political party (find out more from (Christians in Politics)

•  Find out more about the Clewer initiative and help end modern slavery 

Find out more about End Hunger

Be bold and clear you are doing this because your faith inspires you.


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