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How the Jonah Challenge will work

Thank you for signing up to be part of this year’s summer reading challenge. We are delighted to be praying, reading and learning together as we study this short but important book. We also recommend that you read the companion book from Denis McBride, Journeying with Jonah: the struggle to find yourself. Together with our weekly reflections and challenges we hope we will all gain a rich understanding of what God is saying to us in our lives and how we respond.

How it will work is simple

For six weeks starting on Monday July 29th you will get two emails a week. First, on a Monday, Bishop Paul will set out the part of Jonah to read and reflect on that passage. 

Then on Friday we will send you a challenge based on the week’s reading.

We would also love you to share your reflections, stories and inspirations on our social media feeds using the hashtag #RuleOfLife #CalledToRead #JourneyWithJonah

And do encourage others to sign up to the rule of life and take part in this challenge.

We pray it enriches you


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