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Resources for the Bring One Friend Young Person's challenge

We have brought together a series of resources to enable children's groups (children aged 3 to 11) to take part in the Bring One Friend challenge. Fashioned around the story of the Lost Sheep they offer an engaging way to encourage young people to bring their friends to a service or event at your church.

These resources are based around: The parable of the lost sheep.

Based on Luke 15.4-7 and Matthew 18.10-14

Here we have included resources to

help tell the story

have discussion starters and prayers

ideas for games and crafts

        Edible sheep recipe

        Sheep tag

Making the Invitation:

•    Make sure that you download enough of the invitations to give to each child in your group.

•    Choose one of your group sessions to explain simply to the children what “Bring one friend” means.

•    Encourage each child to think of someone that used to attend their group and maybe doesn’t anymore, or to identify someone new they would like to invite to their children’s group, someone that maybe they feel is “left out”. This could be done as part of a creative prayer activity.

•    In the session ask the children to compile a list of five children that they could invite.

•    Then ask them to complete the invitation to take to one person on the list, if they want to invite more that’s fine also

•    Ask them to give it to their friend, encouraging them to come along  to an Advent or Christmas event/service

•    It needs to be something that is attractive to them; children are great at inviting others as long as the event is appealing.


Lost sheep invite

Lost sheep invite (3 per page)


  • Bring One Friend
  • Sent to Tell
  • Lost sheep
  • Invitation

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