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Bring One Friend - 2nd Challenge

Our second task in the Bring One Friend challenge asks you to consider the events or services you want to invite a friend to.

Know more about who you are going to invite?

In this week’s reflection, Bishop Paul talked about the need to think about the likes and dislikes of the people you are looking to bring to church. He spoke about when we recommend something – a film a meal out – we have a fear that our friend won’t have a good experience. That fear can prevent us from making the recommendation.

The bishop said that can also be a block to bringing people to church. So he suggested thinking and praying around the likes of the person you are looking to invite. He also recommended looking at what you can invite people to.

So your three-step challenge this week is

Step one: Think prayerfully about the people you have shortlisted. Work through the type of person they are, whether they like big noisy events or are more quiet and reflective. Think about the kind of things they find interesting, what they really get annoyed about. Try and build a picture in your mind about them. Or if it helps then write it down. Having a list of their likes and dislikes may be useful.

Step two: Research all the Christmas events happening at your church. Get as much detail as you can. You may want to consider other churches in your deanery – especially if you think your church might not offer what you think your friend would like. Again you may find it helpful to write this down

Step three: Put the two lists together so you can start to get a clear idea of who you are going to invite and what you will invite them to.

Remember to talk to the person who you said you would be accountable to and if you can do this in groups or as a church then that’s all the better.

Next week we will reflect on what you might want to invite your friend to and challenge you to think around that invitation.

A prayer for you to use

“Dear Lord,

I pray for xx I pray that they may be open to an invitation to come to church. Please open their hearts to be receptive to your love for them. I pray that you may find me the right time to make that invitation. I ask this in Jesus’ name



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