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Giving to your local church

If you want to give to support your local church then you can give in a number of ways.

Regular giving

The best way to give is to give regularly. That helps you plan your spending and the church know what it will be getting so they can plan their budgets and make sure they have what they need to fund their work.

If your local church is part of the Parish Giving Scheme they will be keen to enroll you onto that.  This gives you the ability to pay by direct debit and adjust the payments annually. It helps manage your giving and help you give generously.

Some churches may prefer to talk to you about setting up a Standing Order. This again enables you to manage your giving in a planned way.

You may also have the opportunity to give money via envelopes on a donation plate or collection box. 

Ask your church about how they can support your regular giving

Contactless giving and text payments

More and more churches are able to offer contactless payment and text giving. In a cashless world, these give a helpful way for you to support the work of your local church. This way of giving would help you if you are visiting a church on a one-off basis for a wedding or christening.

Don't forget to Gift Aid

If you are a taxpayer and can give gift aid then make sure you do. Your local church will be able to tell you how. In this way, your generosity can be increased at no extra cost to yourself.


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