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Bring One Friend

As a church, there are plenty of ways where you can find more and do more. So we encourage all disciples to do a simple act. Bring One Friend to church

We want to encourage every church member to Bring One Friend to their worshipping community as a simple way to help us see a bigger church making a bigger difference. The idea is nothing new. But we have plenty of occasions to Bring One Friend along to. 

You can bring one friend to a service at the church you go to, so they can experience what it's like with someone by their side. Someone to lean on if it’s difficult taking their first steps. Going to an event at church, why not invite someone who’s never been inside your church to go with you?

Christenings and weddings are also great ways of introducing new people to church life. They are celebrations of events that happen in day-to-day life and are a good way to start a conversation about why you go to church.

We all have plenty of opportunities to bring one friend

On Mothering Sunday, Easter, Pentecost, Harvest, Christmas and other occasions in the church calendar

For the Thy Kingdom Come campaign between Easter and Pentecost

Look at your local church events and services and see what you think others would like to come to.


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