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Jonah Reading Challenge for Young People Week One

For week one we have some challenges and resources based on the first chapter of Jonah.

Read Chapter One of Jonah

Jonah One

Having read the first chapter can you answer these questions

Where did God tell Jonah to go?

What did God want Jonah to do there?

Why did Jonah get on the boat?

Jonah told the sailors that the storm was his fault – why did he think that?

Imagine that you are one of the sailors. Write a text message to tell one of your friends what happened today. (No more than 30 words!!)

Time to pray

 Are there times when you are disobedient and don’t behave in the way God wants you to? Take time to say sorry to him and ask for his help now.

Lord Jesus, thank you that you are my friend and that you love me. I’m sorry that I don’t always do the right thing. In particular, I’m sorry for…….. Please help me to live in the way you want me to. Help me also to forgive people who are unkind to me. Amen

Download the resources for church

Download the activity sheet with this week's questions

Download the word search


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