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Jonah Reading Challenge for Young People Week Two

Here are the resources for the second week of the Young Person's Summer Reading Challenge.

Jonah Two

Having read the second chapter of Jonah can you answer the following questions

How long was Jonah inside the whale for?

What did Jonah do while he was inside the whale?

Now that you have read the prayer how do you think that Jonah felt while he was inside the whale?

Imagine that you are a reporter on a local newspaper in the place where Jonah was spat out by the fish. You’ve heard what has happened. Write a headline below that will make your readers want to continue reading the rest of your report……

Time to Pray

Are there times when you are afraid? Is there something making you nervous now? Ask God to help you through it now.

Lord Jesus, thank you that you are always with me. Please help me when I am scared. In particular, I need your help with………… Thank you that you know all about me and know what is best for me. Help me to be a good friend and to help when people I know are worried and afraid. Amen 

Download resources for church

Download the activity sheet with this week's questions

Download the Whale Drawing


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