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Find a Church

In this section you'll look at praying as part of a church community and its importance.

Have you ever been a member of team but never turned up?

Could you ever be a member of a football team but never turn up for practice or for matches and still get to call yourself a member of that team?

Could you call yourself a member of marching band if you didn’t play an instrument?

Can you get fit by having a gym membership but never actually going to the gym?

Most people would probably answer no.

So can we explore who God is? Who Jesus is? Who the Holy Spirit? Without belonging to a church?

Well, you could argue yes. You could explore who God is, who Jesus is, who the Holy Spirit is by reading the Bible, by just studying books and not going to church.

So here’s why you can’t really find out who God is, who Jesus is, who the Holy Spirit is without belonging to a church. It’s much more fun exploring all this if you do this with others, if you studying together, if you question together. This could be something you do with friends or you find a local church link and with people who are also questioning:

• Who God is,

• Who Jesus is

• Who the Holy Spirit

Being part of a church will help you explore questions you might have. A church will also be there for you during your major life events.

They can:

• pray with you

• celebrate with you

• mourn with you,

• offer you support, friendship and advice through the ups and downs of life.

So go on, be part of something big, be part of a something that will support you throughout your life.

Need to find a church

You can look at a church near you website

Look at social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, review websites or talk to friends to find a church or congregation that suits your needs.


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