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Prayer Friends

If you’ve already looked through ‘Pray’ in this this app, you have picked up that prayer is a form of communication. Prayer is how we talk with and listen to God. Its both that’s simple and that complicated. You wouldn’t have many friends if you didn’t at least, make time to talk with them.

You can communicate with your friends face-to-face, through social media, by phone or even write them a letter. It doesn’t matter about the method you use to communicate, what’s important is making the time for communication.

And it’s same with God. God doesn’t mind where you are when pray, or even who you are with. What matters to God is making the time to talk and to listen to Him.

In today’s busy world it’s so easy to say “I’ll talk with God later today” and later today turns into tomorrow, then tomorrow into next week and before you realise it a whole week has gone by.

Have you ever thought about having prayer friends? What are prayer friends? Well, they are people who you meet with to pray.

You may meet them online or in person. You could be only meeting monthly/weekly but use social in-between time to share prayer requests, to share how God has answered your prayers.

There is no set format, no set routine just friends meeting to share what’s on their heart and to bring it all to God. What’s important is that as friends you meet to talk to God and to listen to God.

If this sounds like it might work for you, then find a friend who think might like to join and start being prayer friends.


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