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Jonah and the Storm (Week Two Challenge)

Our second challenge comes from the second part of Jonah's first chapter.

This week we have been reading the end of the first chapter of Jonah (Jonah 1: 4-17) we see him asleep on the boat and thrown into the sea when the storm comes.

Reflecting on what Bishop Paul said we take the questions he asked about how in line you think you are with his will. So your second challenge is to take half an hour to ask yourself

1) Are you in line with God’s will for your life?

2) Are you trying to run away from God’s purposes for you?

3) How can you come to terms with God’s call?

Based on your reflection how will you respond to God’s call? You may find it helpful to talk to someone you trust in your church.

Reading Denis McBride’s book Journeying with Jonah? You may want to read Part Two - All At Sea alongside this week’s reading.

Do share stories and reflections with us

You don’t have to share anything private but it would be great if you could share your reflections, stories and inspirations on our social media feeds using the hashtag #RuleOfLife #CalledToRead #JourneyWithJonah

And do encourage others to sign up to the rule of life and take part in this challenge.


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