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Jonah Reading Challenge - Our final challenge

As we finish reading Jonah we come to our final challenge

Jonah – our final reflection and challenge

You may want to re-read the whole of Jonah as we come to the end of our reading challenge.

Denis McBride states that all the characters in the book of Jonah change their outlook – except Jonah himself. A “deliberately incomplete” book that heralds the Gospel and the message of Jesus McBride contends that we will engage with it best if we look through the prism of identity, direction and outlook.

So we return to the questions we asked in our first challenge and encourage you to reflect again – having read the whole book.

Who are you? (Identity)
Where are you going in life? (direction)
What forms your outlook in life? (outlook)

You may find it helpful to do this with others in church.

Reading Denis McBride’s book Journeying with Jonah? You may want to his conclusion before re-reading Jonah in one sitting

Do share stories and reflections with us

You don’t have to share anything private but it would be great if you could share your reflections, stories and inspirations on our social media feeds using the hashtag #RuleOfLife #CalledToRead #JourneyWithJonah


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