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The cycle of learning part 1

Many of us think of learning as acquiring knowledge, assuming this process just involves the head. Taking on facts, figures and skills so we ‘know’ more or better.

As a Christian disciple, you’ll see learning differently with the desire to become more like Jesus. As you change, so will your growth.

Learning in a Christian sense involves much more than ‘head knowledge’, you’ll be ‘growing’ and changing your:

• perspective

• attitude

• heart

• feelings

• actions.

The Bible tells us we are saved by grace and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit helps us in this journey.

Learning in the Christian sense does mean that you’ll need to take an active part. You’ll need to make a decision that you don’t want to keep doing things in the same way, reacting badly to the same situation, making the same poor choices; recognise failures and to actively seek to change them.

You can never reach the destination of being ‘perfect’, therefore our lives can be seen as one continuous cycle of learning.

Read the second part of the Learning Cycle to find out more…


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