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The cycle of learning part 2

Have you come across the concept of a learning cycle? It’s used in many education and work-based settings to encourage individuals and organisations to learn from events or their experience and to make progress.

As a Christian disciple, you can use this principle to learn to grow, uncovering new ways to change so you’re closer to becoming more like Jesus.

Every day you will experience events that have the potential to shape and change you, a situation, a book or sermon which you’ve felt God speaking through to you or the comment of a friend. The list is endless.

The learning cycle is a tool to enable you to capture this moment and learn from it.

Your Learning Cycle Steps

1. Reflect – time you can reflect on your particular experience.

2. Think/analyse – what have you learned and what conclusions can you draw from this experience?

3. Plan – how will you apply what you have learned?

4. Do – carry out what you planned to do.

One form of the learning circle also includes a fifth step where you discuss your analysis with others and to be accountable for putting your plans into action. So you may want to add a fifth step of accountability.

5. Accountability– report your progress to someone else. This demonstrates the importance that Christian discipleship places on learning as part of a community.

You can start at any point in this cyclical process. So if you’re one of those people who likes ‘getting stuck in’ you may want to start by doing and then learn from there.

If you’re a planner or a list maker you may start in the thinking or planning phases.

Wherever you start it is essential to keep God at the centre and allow Him to direct your thoughts and reflections in all aspects of the process.

You’ll need to make sure you complete the full cycle so you make sure your learning does grow. 

Why not start now?


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