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Helping you to grow as a disciple is much more than gaining knowledge, it’s about learning to be like Jesus. As part of your journey, you could try self-examination, being honest and open with yourself with God present.

There is a chapter in a book by a guy called Phil Potter’s on Becoming Disciples (The Challenge of Cell 2003) It can give you inspiration. In particular, it challenges you to remove masks you hide behind. 

You examine yourself through a series of questions, such as:

• Am I honest in all my acts or words, or do I exaggerate?

• Can I be trusted?

• Am I a slave to work, friendship, hobbies or habits?

• Do I give the Bible time to speak to me every day?

• Am I enjoying prayer?

You could reflect on these questions in conversation with God, in quiet reflection, in jottings and doodles as you journal.

As apprentices learning from Jesus, we like the first disciples, can learn together. Is there somebody who can help you to grow? Or is there somebody with whom you can share in growing together?

As you do this, you may begin to realise that it would be good to share this honest reflection with someone who can support, encourage, challenge and pray for you. 

This may lead you to think about spiritual direction.  


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