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Waiting to grow

In this section, you'll look at the importance of waiting as a means of growing as a Christian.

In Sue Townsend’s ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4’ the main character, Adrian says “I am an intellectual, but at the same time I am not very clever”.

As a disciple of Jesus, Adrian’s reflections may speak to you. Learning to grow as Christian is reminiscent of the frustration and wonder of adolescence.

There are no shortcuts to maturity naturally or spiritually but you don’t need to be an intellectual to learn to grow. You do need a willingness to be patient and to actively wait.

In the bible, there's a story in Luke's Gospel  (Luke 2:41-52) where Jesus at 12 years of age shows He already understands the importance of waiting. Positioning himself in place of learning and worship.

His parents have set off home before they realise they have lost him. Distraught they return to Jerusalem and find Jesus sitting in the Temple among the teachers. Sitting was the posture of engaging in theological discussion in the temple.

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, He withdraws to pray, to seek God waiting on God in prayer before making important decisions.

During His public ministry, Jesus takes time to wait with people. Taking His place at the table with the marginalized and rejected, He takes time to make it a place of encounter and learning.

If you desire to grow in your faith and become more like Jesus, then there will be times when it feels like you have stalled . You may find growth hard to come by, but the very act of waiting can transform you.

Times of waiting are opportunities to actively welcome God into every moment of our daily lives and to have our hearts and minds renewed by Him.

Active waiting reveals our true motives, builds patience, anticipation, intimacy and dependence upon God, and transforms our character.

The word ‘wait’ is often used to mean there is a delay, but you also use it in another way. To ‘wait’ can mean ‘to serve’ e.g. to wait on tables. Waiting actively may mean that you can continue to serve others, while you wait for God to bring change to your life. 

Are you ready to wait?


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